Bryan Kam

A photo of Bryan Kam

I'm Bryan Kam. I'm originally from California but I live in London. I studied literature at Princeton and Cambridge before switching tracks to work in IT (in media and fintech) for a decade, specialising in Linux automation.

I've since switched again; I'm now writing a novel of ideas in the 19th Century style, set in modern London.

I'm interested in literature, film, philosophy, well-being, meditation, neuroscience, and — above all — connections, whether social, artistic, or intellectual.

I write a newsletter, which is the best place to keep up with what I'm up to. In it I'm working on new ideas involving the conditions under which complexity increases, and on the origins of selfhood and suffering (I think they're related!).

I host salons via the Interintellect which you would be most welcome to join! See previous salons for a flavour of what we discuss. I also run a series of intellectual chats as well as a book club in London which has run since 2012.

You can check out my blog. Or follow me on twitter!

You can also see what I'm up to now on my now page.